The Living room is one of the main spaces in the home that brings out who you are and the space you like to enjoy hence it does not have to be boring. With these tips you can create a living room where family and friends can stay and soak up the beautiful design.

Use different rugs– Rugs are perfect a choice for defining areas. You can opt to take a color from one rug and incorporate it on another to create a mix and add a pop of color. If you decide to go for bold colors for your rugs it gives you a chance to keep some of your accessories neutral. You can also match color in your cushions and lamp shades.

rug 1              rug 2

Tip: lay your rugs opposite ways; this will instantly imply different uses within the room.

Cushions– Are an easy and quick solution to add flavor to your living room. Embroidered fabrics come in many shades and patterns that help to create different textures that suit your choice of style.  Try a contrasting trim to bring even more interest to the room.

pillow                 pillow 2

Ottomans– This piece of furniture is an actual gem that you can use in many ways to spruce up your living room. It can serve you as a cocktail table, decorative stool for your sofa and also a space-saving storage facility… If your furniture is neutral in color you can opt for a colored Ottoman to add a pop of color in your space.

COCKTAIL OTTOMAN                ottoman 1

Finally, add interest to your ceiling using ceiling coffers. A large living room ceiling that has few or no architectural features can make any room feel never-ending. A decorative ceiling coffer breaks up the monotony and draws the eye toward the more interesting objects in the room.

coffer 1 high          coffer 2


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